Amelia created THEWOKABOUT as a way to share her passion for the world’s great food cultures. From her Hong Kong base, she journeys far and wide to emerging destinations, exploring cultures known for their zest for life and distinctive cuisines.


As a journalist, Amelia covered environmental and human rights issues in Malaysia, and then business news in Hongkong, during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

She says that even as a five year-old in Malaysia, long before Mr Bourdain’s excellent culinary travel series, she recognized food “as the heart of civilizations and the soul of societies.”

“My father’s Bengali driver would babysit me after school, his amply-bosomed wife handing me fresh muruku in between muscling a foot-long granite rolling pin on a pallet as she ground a headily fragrant paste of spices for the evening’s meal.

“Over 40 years later the tangy burst of cumin and crunch of the deepfried delicacies remains fresh in my memories,” Amelia says.

“I didn’t understand a word the elderly couple spoke nor ventured into their home beyond that kitchen. And the flavors were alien to her palate, raised on sauce-based stews and clear soups. Yet the generosity and simple honesty in those spicy nuggets were as familiar and heartfelt as my granny’s Hakkar and Cantonese dishes.

“That’s the spirit I seek in the cooking I explore and the communities I visit around the world. I hope you enjoy my discoveries.”

Amelia Marcopoto